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Secon Compact Sonic Crawler 190KN

New SECON Compact Sonic Crawler is now in production. Australia/ NZ inquiries Phone 0413 907 649

Sonic Head


The Secon RSS160 features a compact design, so requires small mounting space. Has a strong bearing system of the main shaft. And due to its hollow shaft design, there is no need for an extra expensive water swivel.
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    Provide a structure that offers opportunities for collaboration, innovation and the creation of a mechanism to meaningfully address problems.

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    From concept to manufacturing, SECON Technologies allow the time needed to collaborate, engineer and trial their products rigorously before going to market.

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    Ensuring that all projects are done with utmost professionalism using quality materials while offering clients the support and accessibility they deserve.



SECON, a subsidiary of Kirschenhofer Maschinen, immediately impressed me with innovation that has created real world solutions to the growing industry of Sonic Drilling. My faith in SECON was confirmed in my meetings with Craig Craill regarding the years spent trialling and improving each product, discussions of new products and explanations regarding applying the best quality materials and engineering at every stage of design. The genius moment for me was listening to the engineering behind a Sonic head that is adaptable to fitting almost any drill allowing smaller contractors in Australia to apply this style of drilling without a huge dent in their cashflow budget. Rig Sales Australia is excited to be a representative of SECON in Australia.

Paul Coombs

Business Development

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These products are just the beginning of what SECON will bring to the industry. Backed by fast after sales support to keep you working.
SECON leaves no stone unturned in fine tuning and constantly refining products to give the most effective and enjoyable sonic drilling experience.


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